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As he was later to write: 'I felt On the very day that Churchill fulfilled his life's ambition, Germany had, that morning, invaded France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Britain faced its supreme test.

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Crucially, he rallied the nation in defiance of Hitler. In the words of Labour politician Hugh Dalton, Churchill was 'the only man we have for this hour'.

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This view was shared by the overwhelming majority of the British people. Less obviously, Churchill made planning and decision-making - both political and military - simpler and more efficient. His force of personality was instrumental in cementing the 'Big Three' Alliance with Britain's powerful allies, Russia and the United States. His unbounded energy and determination meant that he was not always easy to work with. But, as Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke wrote, 'It is worth all these difficulties to have the privilege to work with such a man'. An electorate weary of war was looking ahead to a new Britain.

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Winston Churchill, the man who had done so much to secure eventual Allied victory was, once again, out of office. He attacked with words instead. The speeches he delivered then are among the most powerful ever given in the English language. His words were defiant, heroic and human, lightened by flashes of humour. They reached out to everyone in Britain, across Nazi-occupied Europe, and throughout the world. As journalist Beverley Nichols wrote, 'He took the English language and sent it into battle. This was one of many morale-boosting visits he made across Britain.

This leads them to look for the wrong warning signs for the emergence of new Hitlers at a time of renewed populism and demagoguery β€” not recognising the ways in which extreme forms of anti-globalism, triggered by the confluence of economic and political crises, can radicalise those who were once essentially moderate. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera β€” London, Islington.

Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Thomas Weber , University of Aberdeen. Making of a demagogue. Workers protesting in Berlin, November Wikimedia I am the resurrection Hitler thus decided in the summer of , as he was trying to create a space for himself in national politics, that he would simply recast his past. On hearing the news, Hitler claims that: …it was impossible for me to stay any longer.

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The first battles were catastrophic for Soviet forces. There was chaos and demoralisation. About 1, aircraft were destroyed on the ground in the early hours of the attack, and whole armies were surrounded and captured within weeks. The Germans advanced hundreds of miles into Russian territory. After a briefing from Zhukov on the unfolding disaster, Stalin stalked out of the defence commissariat with Beria and Malenkov, muttering disconsolately to them: "Lenin founded our state, and we've fucked it up".

The battle for Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, led to a blazing row between Stalin and Zhukov, who wanted Russian forces withdrawn from the city before they were surrounded. Stalin shouted that Zhukov's plans were "nonsense!

Angrily, Zhukov resigned as chief of staff, but a wily Stalin did not wish to alienate him. He made it clear he would remain a member of the Stavka - the inner war command.

War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler

Kiev fell in mid-September and more than a half a million men were killed or captured. When I interviewed Zhukov's eldest daughters Era and Ella in Moscow, they said sadly their father "was proved right". Leningrad, surrounded by the Germans in early September, seemed certain to fall. Stalin summoned Zhukov to the Kremlin and described the situation as "hopeless". Zhukov disagreed and volunteered to take command immediately. Flying over German lines, he arrived in the city, as Irish military commentator Col Ned Doyle says, "like the wrath of God".

He immediately countermanded the scuttling of the Baltic fleet, and had the ships brought close to the city where their inch guns could pound German positions. The major criticism of Zhukov is that he recklessly sacrificed his troops - but the eastern front was a battle against extermination, and Soviet military doctrine, unlike the West's, had not changed because of the slaughter of The end, regardless of human cost, justified the means.

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Zhukov was ruthless towards panic-mongers and cowards, ordering the arrest and execution of officers, soldiers and commissars to illustrate where failure would lead. His defences at Leningrad saved the city, but more than a million people died from starvation, cold, bombing and shelling.

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  4. Zhukov would return in January to break the blockade. In October, the Germans were rapidly advancing on Moscow. Stalin called on Zhukov to save the capital. Over the telephone, Stalin asked: "Are you sure we'll hold Moscow? I ask you this with pain in my heart. Speak honestly, as a communist. When Zhukov took over, British historian Prof Richard Overy estimates there were just 90, defenders left out of , Zhukov said: "I assumed command at a time when the front lines had actually reached the suburbs of Moscow. There were no tanks and a shortage of ammunition - but reserves came from Siberia.

    In freezing temperatures, his counterattack, started in early December, threw the Wehrmacht back miles from the city. Zhukov had also mobilised every last civilian resource.