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There is a deep sense of humility and lowliness that you find about them.

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At home, at work, in church, in society—they manifest a quiet and gentle spirit. Everything about their lives is marked by grace and love.

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If they err, they err on the side of grace, not legalism. There is no rebellion in their attitudes. Their life of submission comes from the indwelling Christ, who is their life. These believers manifest His likeness through their simple devotion to Him. The Lamb of God has gone before us, showing the way of submission.

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The Lion of Judah made the choice to become the Lamb of God. He submitted like a meek lamb taken to the slaughterhouse, never opening His mouth. Now, however, He is sitting on the throne.

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  • The path for Him to get there was submission and obedience. May we ever be His humble, gentle and broken people. If you care about the things Christ cared about and turn a deaf ear to the world—you too will begin to experience this mystery of godliness. It is nothing we attain.

    It is only by grace that we are children of God. We learn to pray by doing it. When we unite in prayer, there is incredible power. Until we can accept suffering, sacrifice, and self-denial as routine and normal, we will never see the Great Commission fulfilled in our generation. There are rich themes woven through Dr. They are themes that come out of the abundance of his heart: willing submission to Christ, the power and necessity of prayer, the denial of self, the need for constant closeness with the Lord, forsaking comfort for the sake of others, and humility. If this has always been your perspective of Spring Cleaning then you should try it at the Gospel For Asia Canadian office!

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    I even got to stand on the kitchen counter to clean in and on top of the counters!! Now, even though the cleaning was a lot of fun, all good things still come to an end.

    After rushing inside it was time for some dessert and arm wrestling!! Then, we watched Toy Story 2, enjoyed a few laughs and some hyper children, and went home to a comfortable air conditioned house. Since being placed in the web department in January, I have had the privilege to work on some exciting video projects.

    This, along with a finished French translation of K.

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    So we as a web team decided to do just that. One of the most significant things I have been learning is about pursuing God. In class we recently studied through The Pursuit of God by A. One theme that ties the whole book together is this: God is pursuing us first.

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    He is seeking to reveal Himself to us!