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Too Late to Die Young

Too Late to Die Young Tarde para morir joven Add Article. Too Late to Die Young Tarde para morir joven Critics Consensus Too Late to Die Young uses one family's experiences as the foundation for a dreamily absorbing drama with a poignant, lingering warmth. Want to see.

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Movie Info. But this dreamy world would not exist without the outside forces that go unmentioned. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr Reviews Too Late to Die Young. Who do you read? Good Roger, or Bad Roger?

Too Late to Die Young

Roger Ebert This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. She soon cuts away from that early image to show us a few others — a dog running down a dirt road, a heap of branches bursting into flame — that are striking enough in the moment and take on an eerie resonance in retrospect. Certainly freedom is an essential component of how she and her family, friends and neighbors live.

The adults are mostly artistic types who have withdrawn from society to form a small community in the shadow of the Andes, near a swimming hole where the young kids splash and play while the older folks laze about in the heat of a gorgeous Chilean December.

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But the warm, idyllic mood conceals an undercurrent of frustration, even menace. The characters complain from time to time about the shortage of clean water and the lack of electricity.

Too Late to Die Young (Tarde para morir joven)

Some off-screen unpleasantness, including a break-in and some property damage, suggests that all is not well in paradise. The prospect of a new year on the horizon seems both bright and somewhat ominous. But the movie appears less interested in resolving her indecision than lingering in it, observing her as she smokes and bathes and engages in the occasional act of self-harm.