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If you're tired of staying home alone on Saturday nights, then you need to realize that nothing is going to change until you change your energy.

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If you want to meet men, what I suggest is that you start thinking like a man! Why after reading dating book after dating book are so many women still confused about men? One last question: When is the last time you saw a man to whom you were attracted, and you took a risk by smiling at him and getting him to come over with the powers of your femininity? It's time to start to think like a man when interacting with men!

If a man doesn't approach you and talk to you, it is because you either didn't know how to bring the man over or you didn't do anything to get him to approach you. Start taking responsibility for your own dating life, and you'll start improving it immediately!

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David Wygant. Love February 29, Click to view 25 images. For more on how to be the high-value man women chase after, check out the Value episodes of the Art of Charm toolbox.

Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil Discuss How Men Think

How women communicate: Building rapport with women When communicating, men tend to be more logical and data-minded while women are more emotional. To women, listing off facts like that does not create any connection — and can often be quite boring. So if you want to build rapport with a woman, ask questions that drive at that emotional content.

How men and women view sex As a general way of thinking men tend to be more goal-oriented while women tend to be relationship-oriented. This difference in how women think vs.

Think like a guy : how to get a guy by thinking like one

So men who want to satisfy a woman in bed may want to focus less on the need to achieve a particular outcome during sex and instead focus more on enjoying the experience itself. Stay in the moment and focus more on how you feel, how she feels, and building on that amazing feeling. Can you expand on that? We just like shiny stuff.

How To Make Him Think of You And Only You (THE 4 SECRETS)

We are that simple. Women get older, they have kids, they get the van, they get the route to the school, they get the little mom slacks that she drops the kids off in, the sneakers, she stops wearing the makeup. If that's not what won over the guy in the beginning, please know, he's still attracted to those [external]things. If you don't want your man to ever stop feeling certain things for you, you gotta always maintain. And that goes for men too. The fact that you do not like what I'm saying does not stop it from being the truth about men.

You say men expect three things in return for their three Ps: support, loyalty and the "cookie. Period," you write. You say that if a woman withholds sex for one month, she risks losing a partner. Here's the deal: If you're pregnant with our child, we understand, we're not barbaric - we got that there's a waiting period. Now, if you're just holding out, what are you saying to this guy?

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  • A guy has to have certain things and the woman knows it. At the same time, you suggest women should abstain from having sex with a new partner for 90 days.

    Steve Harvey: Five Questions Every Woman Should Ask Before Getting in Too Deep - ABC News

    Do you think that's realistic in this day and age? I think it's absolutely realistic. That's the problem: Women have given up their standards and their requirements because of us. We have made you think that if you don't put out in a certain amount of time, you're going to drive us off. The real deal of it is, there's nothing you can do to beat a guy off that really wants you. If your wall is a foot and a half high, you're going to have a lot of guys playing in your yard, digging up your grass, messing up your flower bed. If you've got your bar set high, that's what we're going to rise to.

    That brings me to the "keeper," a woman who commands respect, and the "sport fish," a girl with no rules who keeps things "day to day. You preach the opposite. It's you, the woman, who has the power to determine whether you're a keeper or a throwback. It's the way you act, it's your standards, it's what you're willing to accept, what you will put up with. A woman has a right to know when she's going to get married, if you're going to marry her. A woman should not be at a guy's beck and call.