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View 1 comment. Nov 26, Mei rated it really liked it Shelves: historical. While I enjoyed it, it wasn't as god as the previous ones Don't misunderstand me, it was still a nice story, but I started being bored with the old trope: I know what's better for you Here we have Feith's story. The first part of her story was missing and we get just glimpses of what hapened and how she was deceived. Personally I would have liked to know something more However, Faith has run away, was robbed and now she's all alone in a s While I enjoyed it, it wasn't as god as the previous ones However, Faith has run away, was robbed and now she's all alone in a strange country She stumbles on Nick running away from some men chasing her and he, very chivalrously help her and save her from rape.

So their story together begins It was adventurous and interesting, but I was not invested neither in Faith nor in Nick. She was bordering on TSTL, thankfully never falling into it, while Nick was suffering from severe case of I know what you want and need better than you, so I'll hide what I don't want you to know because it's better that way! Frankly I'm beginning to be bored to tears reading story where the heroes behave that way!

And here it was the base of the whole story! Also I didn't appreciate the paranormmal bent of the resolution of his problem. I percieve it like incredible and out of place Let's see how Gracie's story will be!

Mar 18, kris rated it liked it. Everything is a half-star less great at this hour. Faith eloped with what she thought was a Hungarian violinist because she had a dream that her True Love would make beautiful music. Literal music; not sexy-time body-music. He proposes marriage as a solution to keep her from Absolute Ruin an 3. He proposes marriage as a solution to keep her from Absolute Ruin and also to fob off his mother who desperately wants him married. Then Nick tries to send Faith off to England.

Then she follows him across the Continent. And make lots of sexy-time body-music and occasional literal music. Your suspension of disbelief could probably span a river but if you can push through it, there's a married-strangers plot that's pretty delightful. Basically, I found this really enjoyable except when I didn't. Some of those bits include the sudden and dramatic foreshadowing of Something Bad awaiting them after they reached Bilbao.

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In addition, the secondary romance felt And then there was an almost supernatural resolution to the Something Bad that also didn't quite set up right. View all 5 comments. Aug 19, Jacqueline J rated it really liked it Shelves: road-trip , hero-tormented , from-the-library , historical-romance , regency , angsty , forced-arranged-convenient-marriage , illness-or-blindness , paranormal-elements.

I enjoy this author's work. The story felt fresh and was a road trip story which is a plot line I like. Kudos to the author for having a "ruined" heroine who was actually ruined. I also enjoyed that their marriage was consummated early in the story as I like stories where a couple in a convenient marriage do have sex and the story is about other elements. I think that is more realistic than having married couples not having sex for months because of some weird pact or something.

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One of the thing I enjoy this author's work. One of the things that makes convenient marriages so convenient is that the couple involved is 'getting some. I could have taken or left the paranormal element. I enjoyed the well written characters. The heroine was sweet and brave and the hero kind and charming.

View all 6 comments. Apr 21, Lu rated it it was amazing Shelves: heros-courageous , owned-paperback , series-cont-to-buy , heroines-best , heroines-courageous , heros-so-honorable , heros-so-smart , marriage-of-convenience , series-great , great-stories. Faith Merridew is in dire straights alone near a beach in France.

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Nicholas Blacklock is on an important mission that will change his life forever. He helps her and decides to marry her in order to protect and look after her. The plan is to marry and send her back to England to stay with his mother. Life had other plans. Two strangers slowly get to know each other and their darkest secrets. A wonderful story of fate and friends with a little bit of magic. Lovely read!

Sep 24, Olga Godim rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , historical. I enjoyed this historical romance very much. When I saw this book at a thrift store, I picked it up, but I was still skeptical. My skepticism dissolved after the first few pages. Such a nice discovery. Like most classical romances, this one is formulaic. It starts with a bang. Time — one summer night in Place — a beach in France.

Characters — a young naive English woman Faith and a former British officer Nick. Faith is escaping some brutes, running along the beach. The thugs almost caught her, when a stranger appears out of the night and saves her. After a devastating mistake, she is alone, ruined, in a foreign country, without any money or any hope.

Her prospects are bleak. He offers her the only thing that could save her — his name. They marry the next day. The rest of the story is their traveling together, learning to love and trust each other, discovering new hope, and finding soul mates. Although both are fairly standard — she is soft and loving but with a steely core, femininity at her best; he is a deceptively rough fellow, an alpha male with a heart of gold — their interactions are full of humor, interlaced with emotions. The tension is high throughout the tale, and the pace is as fast as any reader could wish.

The faint whiff of the ridiculous prevents this amusing tale from being too sweet and too blatantly sexual, making it just saucy enough to make even the most discerning reader happy. The only problem I could find with this book is a pet peeve of mine. Nick has a dark secret and he keeps this secret from Faith. Unfortunately, she did, and I hate such gimmicks. It spoiled the book for me, at least somewhat, so I dropped half a star from my rating.

Otherwise, an almost perfect romance. Jun 04, Courtney Long rated it did not like it Shelves: romance , historical-fiction , made-me-laugh-in-a-bad-way , regency , disappointments. Whereas the first two books had likable characters and some semblance of a plot, this book lacked all of that and more.

Look, I'll just say it: Faith, our heroine, is a ninny. She was always stuttering and faltering in a way that was more groan-inducing than sweet. Like seriously, girl, grow a pair. She reminded me of Disney's Snow White, trying 1. She reminded me of Disney's Snow White, trying ever so hard to be the perfect wife and bossing her husband around on domestic matters but acting timid and frightened all the other times.

It literally set my teeth on edge. The romance wasn't very inspired, either. I felt zero chemistry between the two main characters.

The Perfect Stranger

They were married out of convenience, they did the dirty a few times, and then Ooook, if you say so. There was just nothing there to convince me or make me feel involved in their love story. And while I don't really read these books for the love scenes, I at least expect them to be well written.

Or decently written. Or not terrible. But yeah, it was pretty bad here. There was a lot of flowery, insipid writing that had me usually glossing over the bedroom scenes. A few more quick notes of irritation: please don't write a character of another ethnicity if you can't do it well. The gypsy character at the end was so poorly written I skimmed like all her dialogue because it was said in forced broken English "You no choose. Woman choose! Also, Anne Gracie , please stop feeling like you have to make a romance for every secondary character in your books.

The first time it was fine, the second book it was ok, and now it just feels forced when you have secondary and even out-of-nowhere tertiary romances. I'm not going to even touch that ending because what?

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