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James kills them, and rescues the girl.

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The girl, named Rose, explains that she was separated from her father in Malaga en route to her aunt's house in Roleystone. Without enough petrol, and wishing to get to his party, James instead plans to leave her with his sister and her children. But upon arriving, he finds his sister and her husband dead in the shower, and three crosses marking what appear to be his nieces' graves, in what is an apparent murder suicide.

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Other attempts at locating Rose's dad, or someone to leave her with, have sobering results, and James eventually heads to the party with Rose in tow. The party is overflowing with people, a game of Russian roulette is being played, and an orgy is going on inside the house. James is noticeably uncomfortable and appears to want to leave.

James meets with the host of the party, Freddy, whose sister is James' girlfriend, Vicki. James leaves Rose in the pool to speak with Vicki.

In a reversal of the earlier scene with Zoe, James attempts to share a serious moment with Vicki, only for her to berate him for bringing her down with his news. Vicki shows James a bunker built underneath Freddy's garage, which obviously does not have sufficient food, protection, or space for the miraculous survival Vicki envisions. James tells Vicki and Freddy that they will all die, even with the bunker. Freddy's reaction to this statement informs Vicki that her brother had known this all along.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour Game Offers Fast-Paced Alternative to Arkham Horror

James accepts that his death is inevitable and cannot be blocked out, and commits himself to reuniting Rose with her family. Meanwhile, outside, a drug-affected woman follows Rose, claiming that she is her daughter, Mandy.

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When James finally comes back outside to find Rose, she is hallucinating and vomiting after being coerced into taking an ecstasy pill , with the woman leaning over her. James tries to leave the party with Rose, causing the woman to scream that he is kidnapping her child.

In The Final Hour by Cospe - [2010s Pop Music]

Freddy holds James at gunpoint, before Vicki calmly takes the gun and shoots the woman, telling James to go. James drives Rose to his estranged mother's house, with whom he reconciles whilst Rose recovers. She gives James petrol and Rose some old clothes, and the pair leave for Rose's aunt's house. Upon arrival, nobody seems to be home, but James finds the bodies of Rose's family, including her father, outside in what seems to be a mass suicide.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour Game Offers Fast-Paced Alternative to Arkham Horror

Although hysterical at the news of her father's death, Rose insists on seeing him. James comforts her and brings her his body, and they lay him by a pond with flowers as she tells him that her dad wanted them to be together for the end. James then confides in Rose about his relationship with Zoe and her pregnancy, which leads him to realise his love for her. Rose convinces him to make amends with her while he still can. He heeds her advice, and the two share an emotional farewell before James leaves.

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