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Chemokines in rheumatoid arthritis; N. Cytokines and chemokines in virus-induced autoimmunity; M.

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Cytokines in the treatment and prevention of autoimmune responses; T. Cytokines and chemokines in human autoimmune skin disorders SLE, pemphigus vulgaris ; T. Cytokines and chemokines in SLE; F. Cytokines in the pathogenesis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease; L.

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Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This volume is ideal for individuals interested in taking an in-depth look at how cytokines and chemokines participate in autoimmune disorders, and how cytokines and chemokines can be used as targets for therapeutic intervention. The outstanding features of this book are that it is divided in chapters each focusing on specific, highly prevalent autoimmune disorders.

The role of cytokines and chemokines in each of these disorders is dissected in the context of the autoinimune responses that drive these diseases. Importantly, each chapter is meant to provide an in-depth review of how cytokines and chemokines participate in each disease, rather than very specific aspects of cytokine or chemokine biology. Brosnan, C.

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Cities of Whiteness (Antipode Book Series).
  3. Cytokines and Chemokines in Autoimmune Disease.
  4. Knowledge in Context: Representations, Community and Culture.
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  7. chemokine activity Gene Ontology Term (GO).
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