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But when Violet becomes deathly ill, the children are forced to seek out help at the risk of their newfound freedom. This original edition contains a few small difference from the revised edition most readers are familiar with, but the basic story beloved by children remains essentially untouched.

Last edited by Clean Up Bot. June 28, History. By Gertrude Chandler Warner.

ISBN 13: 9780590426909

Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The Boxcar Children from your list? Links outside Open Library Archive. Classifications Library of Congress PZ7. She said, "I'll keep the three older children. They can help me. But the little boy must go to the Children's Home. He is too little. I cannot take care of him. The baker answered, "Very well. Tomorrow I'll take the little boy to the Children's Home. We'll keep the others for awhile, but we must make them tell us who their grandfather is. Jessie and Henry waited until the baker and his wife had gone to bed.

Then they sat up in the dark. Never, never! We must be far away by morning, or they will find us. But we must not leave any of our things here. And we have two loaves of bread left. Have you your knife and the money? We are going to run away again. If we don't run away, the baker will take Benny to a Children's Home in the morning.

The little girl woke up at once. She sat up and rolled off the bench.

She did not make any noise. Henry took Benny in his arms and carried him to the door of the bakery. Jessie took the laundry bag and opened the door very softly.

All the children went out quietly. They did not say a word. Jessie shut the door, and then they all listened. Everything was very quiet. So the four children went down the street. Soon the children left the town and came to a road.

The big yellow moon was out, and they could see the road very well. But Jessie said, "I think we could go faster if we woke him up now. We could take his hands and help him along. Henry and Jessie will help you, and we'll find a bed. Benny liked being a little brown bear, and so he woke up and opened his eyes. Henry and Jessie took his hands, and they all went on again.

They passed some farmhouses, but the houses were dark and quiet. The children did not see anyone. They walked and walked for a long time. Then the red sun began to come up.

Series: Boxcar Children Mysteries

Little Benny was asleep, and Henry was carrying him again. The other children began to look for a place.

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At last Violet said, "Look over there. They ran across the field toward the farmhouse. They jumped over a brook, and then they came to the haystack. Henry was still carrying Benny. Jessie began to make a nest in the haystack for Benny, and when they put him into it, he went to sleep again at once. The other children also made nests. When it is night again, we'll wake up and walk some more. The children were so tired that they went right to sleep. They slept all day, and it was night again when they woke up. There is a pump near the farmhouse.

But if we leave the haystack now, someone will see us. When it was dark, the children came out of the haystack and went quietly toward the farmhouse, which was dark and still. Nearby was a pump, and Henry pumped water as quietly as he could.

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He did not even wake up the hens and chickens. You can play you are a horse. This pleased Benny. Henry pumped and pumped, and at last Benny had all the water he wanted. The water was cold and sweet, and all the children drank. Then they ran across the field toward the road. The children got behind the bushes as fast as they could, for they did not have much time to hide.

The horse came nearer and nearer and began to walk up the hill toward them.

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Then the children could hear a man talking. It was the baker! If we don't find them in Greenfield, we'll go home.

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I don't like children, but we must try a little while longer. We will look for them in Greenfield, and that's all. The children watched until the horse and cart had gone down the road.


Then they came out from behind the bushes and looked at each other. The children were very happy as they walked along the road. They knew that the baker would not find them. They walked until two o'clock in the morning, and then they came to some signs by the side of the road. We don't want to go to Greenfield. Let's take this other road to Silver City. You can tell that by the grass in the road. Let's find some pine needles for beds. More clouds rolled across the sky, and the wind began to blow. There was lightning, also, and thunder, but the children did not hear it.

They were all fast asleep. All in good used condition- Minor edge wear or crease may be present. Clean texts- good binding.