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Accordingly I believe that the current period does not call for transgressive practices in architecture. Nor do the most recent societal developments merit the inauguration of yet another paradigm shift.

Gaetano Pesce: the art of not giving a shit and the aesthetics of transgression

The demise of the socialist block, the radical transformation of all centrally planned economies, phenomena like the privatization of many state enterprises and services, corporate outsourcing, network organisations as well as a much accelerated globalisation are all transformations that characterize this new socio-economic epoch which emerged during the s and s. It is a fallacy to believe that the financial crisis and the great recession that ensued in its wake represents the beginning or opportunity of yet another epochal transformation which would merit yet a further reorientation of architecture.

This is not a claim by an architectural theorist but a matter of an architectural theorist surveying prevalent economics and social science discourses. There is no new structural transformation on the horizon that is being discussed as redirecting the trajectory from fordism to post-fordism.

The occupy movement that fascinates the editors can in no way be taken as indicative of any substantial redirection of societal developments that might merit a re-inauguration of a transgressive spirit within architectural discourse. Therefore I maintain that an architecture of transgression in is unlikely to be productive. The task we are facing is a constructive task: to push the cumulative design research of the last 20 years into mainstream relevancy. Or we could function as critics and commentators, acting as intellectuals who reveal the contradictions of society through writings or other forms of practice…Finally, we could act as revolutionaries by using our… understanding of cities and the mechanisms of architecture… in order to be part of professional forces trying to arrive at new social and urban structures.

YOU KILLED ME FIRST. The Cinema of Transgression - Announcements - e-flux

There is no choice possible between them. I think this statement is a crippling fallacy that is bound to insure the marginality of its adherents.

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The above quote from Tschumi also reveals a disregard for the fact that society is organised into distinct domains of competency when he is lumping together the innovation of social and urban structures as the task of the revolutionary architect. In fact, it is not me but society who insists on this demarcation. Although I am committed to the avant-garde architect as critic, in my view, the architect as critic is neither called upon nor able to reveal the contradictions of society as such, nor is he called upon or competent to criticize society as a whole or any of its phenomena or subsystems other than its architectural subsystem.

The paradigmatic examples from the early s and the late s that give meaning to the notion of politically engaged architecture were born in the exceptional condition of social revolution or pending social revolution. During such periods everything is being politicized: the law, the economy, education, architecture, and even science.

The architecture of transgression

The autonomy of the functional subsystems of society is temporarily being suspended. During normal times architecture and politics are separated as autonomous discursive domains. They are autopoietic function systems within a world civilization that is now primarily ordered via functional differentiation 7. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Transgression By Chris Jenks.

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No cover image. Read preview. Synopsis Transgression is truly a key idea for our time.

From Conformity to Transgression

Society is created by constraint and boundaries, but as our culture is increasingly subject to uncertainty and flux we find it more and more difficult to determine where those boundaries lie. In this fast moving study, Chris Jenks ranges widely over the history of ideas, the major theorists, and the significant moments in the formation of the idea of transgression.

Transgress: Blurring Boundaries in Architecture

At the moment I see a bifurcation; where funny, joyful and light work sit in the realm of meaningless, excessive consumption. Whilst social engaged, community focused and politically meaningful design work is often humourless, austere and self satisfied. We need to stop being so binary.

We need to be multiple. In the questions after, I was a little too overwhelmed and intimidated to ask a question, but after the lecture, talking to a colleague we thought of loads.

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The two most important are; how does Pesce make decisions about his ideas? He must have a way to make decisions within his process. My hope is; if you are an educator and you support the learning of students to understand self actualise , to be revolutionary in their understand of the world, to transgress the social, political and aesthetic norms, to help support them in understanding their agency… then this confidence will come. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.