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International Journal of bifurcation and chaos 4 03 , , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 52 , , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 22 , , International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 3 05 , , Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena , , International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 4 05 , , International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 5 03 , , Ward and Peppard and Bannister and Remenyi have that service remains still pioneering average horror between persuasion, relation, s, musicality and campaigns.

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Morse interactions. Accordingly, the new prediction builds upon the addition of the backbone lattice solitons to the polaron-like effect, hence to the electron-soliton phonon interaction, thus using yet another source of nonlinearity. The newly predicted motions have, generally, supersonic velocity5.

As a means of uncovering the basic elements of the theory it was first developed for a driven-dissipative anharmonic lattice with Toda and Morse interactions , within a purely classical framework, as a bifurcation process to a supersonic and non-Ohmic current from the base state of Ohmic linear conduction. The non-Ohmic soliton-mediated current showed striking and intriguing features, not all unexpected.

نتیجه جستجو - lattice dynamics

On the other hand, for a given field strength value, at high enough temperatures the non-Ohmic electric current does not vary appreciably, as it occurs with an Ohmic current. Then as the temperature is lowered, and the solitons dominate the dynamics in the lattice the current increases dramatically with the temperature decrease Fig. Interaction between the lattice and the electrons arises as in the polaron due to the dependence of the electron transfer-matrix elements on the relative, time-dependent distance between neighboring lattice units.

Further there is the enhancement of transport in the new soliton-mediated process that can be identified with a genuine high peak in the decay of velocity correlations following the classical or quantum Kubo-Greenwod-Green linear response theory The solectron quasi-particle appears as a natural extension to nonlinear lattices on the one hand of the polaron in harmonic linear lattices and on the other hand of the electro-soliton also built upon a harmonic lattice5.

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There is soliton-mediated pairing both in momentum space and in real space. It has been shown that traveling pairs of lattice solitons serve as carriers for the paired electrons realizing coherent transport of the two correlated electrons.

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It has also been found a dynamical narrowing of the states, that is, starting from an initial double-peak profile of the electron probability distribution, a single-peak profile is eventually adopted going along with enhancement of localization of the paired electrons There is a range of parameter values where supersonic transport of paired electrons is achieved, thus generalizing the bipolaron concept introduced by Alexandrov and Mott To establish the range where the solitons in an anharmonic lattice with, e.

The soliton range is above the Dulong-Petit range, otherwise called multi-phonon range, on the way to melting. Similar results have been found by analyzing the dynamic structure factor as a function of temperature.

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