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I envision a context independent world to do whatever interest to you ,whenever you want by where ever you work by simple digital interactions. She has a lifelong passion for sociotechnical systems that support creativity, shared knowledge and collaboration. I study how brain networks interact, and help develop tools to provide us with a more reliable, interpretable picture of those interactions. Area of Expertise: Education and Web dev related topics. Budding scientist, trying to help untangle how decisions are formed, and to understand how we deal with an uncertain world.

Fascinated by research as a craft, would love to make reproducible, open research more common by building tools that make it easy. Besides: Dreamer, tinkerer, explorer, dilettante-of-all-trades.

A computer scientist turned neuroscientist, aiming to make sense of the brains electrical bits. As part of my extensive involvement in open source communities, I have built open source networks in both Latin America and Europe. My research is in how ecological communities persist and change over time and exploring the stability-complexity question with data.

Area of Expertise: Well science wise Physics and Mathematics, I also work on organising events and how to approach starting things like charity campaigns or schemes. Interested in all things data, science and reproducibility. Jason A. Heppler, PhD, is the Digital Engagement Librarian at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he leads initiatives in public history and digital engagement.

Outside school, I enjoy playing ice hockey, eating and making food, being in nature, and figuring out how I can maximize the time I spend inside vim. I started MonmouthpediA, the first Wikipedia town. Rogue palaeontologist and independent science communicator and consultant. Area of Expertise: Dinosaurs. Open Science.

I am 32 years old Cuban, Industrial and Interaction designer, currently living in Delft. Interested in circular economy, open source and sustainable development. Area of Expertise: open hardware, scrum, git and github for none software people, open design, communication files, like readmes and contributing guidelines. I am a Political Scientist from Chile living in Berlin. I have worked for projects and organizations both for the State and also for NGOs.

Wathagi is a student in her final year of Law School in Kenya. Katja is an artist, philologist and neuroscientist. While focusing her research on brain development, she is also working on projects at the interface between art and neuroscience. She teaches project management part time and runs a small leadership coaching business part-time.

She facilitates and presents on topics related to open education advocacy, development, and practices throughout Alberta. Her background in leading change initiatives in the post secondary system and leadership development coaching allows her to tackle social change efforts through the lens of identity personal and professional and community learning.

Laura is a Google Developer Expert in Firebase, entrepreneur, and mentor. She has been involved in the tech industry over 10 years, working with different technologies as a fullstack developer and getting involved with education projects teaching coding. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has been a digital nomad for about one year, traveling around; doing talks, workshops and connecting with the local tech communities.

While she was on the road she created with her co-founders DMode Labs: a software company that promotes diversity and remote working.

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Just another open source addict, his interests are mainly in security , privacy and machine learning. Luca leads the development of Thalos, an open tool that aims to provide anonymous and encrypted file storage and sharing in internet. Area of Expertise: As computer engineer I would like to share my knowledge in the field of network security, privacy and cryptography, low level programming C and high level programming Java and JavaScript Language: Italian Twitter: ecleipteon GitHub: ecleipteon Cohort: C. Beyond the different works I have done - costume, fashion, product design and graphic- I would like to highlight one key common aspect on all of them: the constant search of new meanings in design as a social discipline through co-desing processes and the use of design thinking tools.

I got to know the Moz. Leadership programme last year due to the project Beyond Activismo which took part on it. My area of expertise is communication and outreach, including storytelling with data. I currently work for the Wikimedia Foundation, focusing on creating learning resources, promoting community stories in different contexts, and training community members on two skills: storytelling and project management. Free and Open Source Software Enthusiast.

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Backend developer with experience in Python and Rust. Founder and leader of Python Chiapas. Mozilla Reps. He's fascinated by how we make decisions and what we can do to do that better, individually, in communities, and as a species. To this end, he studies how to design automated decision systems and how to understand groups of people so we might design communities to achieve specific goals. Maya was recently a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow at the Brooklyn Public Library, working on increasing access to the internet and digital literacy education in an open, community-driven way.

I am an open data advocate and civic technologist with a background in policy, UX, and development. My current area of focus is user research and service design within the U. I have supported project leads building awareness around diversity and inclusion in emerging technologies, an open framework to engage communities and build momentum around events, and software for civic applications. I would be honored to help develop open practices for your cause, organisation, or project. Academic specializing in education technology, e-governance and e- health in developing countries research.

Leads an NGO focusing on innovation and digital skills amongest young women and men.

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I have worked on projects of inclusion, empowerment and digital literacy with different communities, especially with speakers of indigenous languages from several Latin American countries. Area of Expertise: Monica is a research and linguist. She has background in inclusion digital, web literacy programs and empowerment of local communities.

Interested in science in Information technology, working open and make the Internet better, also in how to leverage technology in solving social and cultural problems. Research, Diversity and Inclusion, Web literacy, Multilinguism, Documentation, Curriculum design management and implimentaion, Open access, open science. Natalie Garcia is Senior Web Content Editor at The Trust for Public Land, where she works on Parkology, an online resource and community that aims to increase local park stewardship and park creation by empowering communities.

Previously, Garcia worked in marketing and communications at Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Wave Hill, and The Nature Conservancy, focusing on creating engaging content to promote access to nature.


Born and raised in the Bronx, Garcia enjoys running marathons, indulging in good food, and exploring new places. Nikesh represents two non-profit organization - Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal, both working to improve digital literacy and open data sector of Nepal. Medical student from Berlin.

Access to knowledge. Love to design, and love clean designs.

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A Mozillian in my region and I love to work Open. Researcher, interested in internet governance, diversity, indigenous and vulnerable population, gender issues. I am a data scientist and software developer working in agricultural research. Currently live in Denver, CO! I am a radio person and open content geek from Lisbon, Portugal. For nearly a decade, I have produced and hosted White Market Podcast, an advocate podcast about free music and free culture. I love learning, teaching, programming, running and arts.

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Based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.