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Her friends and colleagues in the Harlem community helped her, such as WEB Du Bois, who wrote letters on her behalf to fight for her admission. In , she was permitted to study in France and upon her return, she founded her own art studio and school. In , she founded the Savage Studio of Arts and Crafts, which became a training ground for African American artists who would later show at her gallery.

Her studio was the foundation for some of the most well-known figures of the Harlem Renaissance. Savage taught artists such as abstract painter Norman Lewis, figurative painter Jacob Lawrence and portrait artist Gwendolyn Knight.

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But this exhibition puts the works of Savage on view alongside her students. Some of her rare sculptures are included, such as Gamin, a portrait of her nephew Ellis Ford, and Diving Boy from , two of 12 sculptures of her work that still exist today.

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One of her most poignant pieces is a bust of the boxer Jack Johnson, in a work dated from entitled the Pugilist. Her most famous artwork is the Harp , which shows a choir of black children singing. With her own struggle to get an education, Savage devoted her life to teaching other black artists how to sculpt, draw and paint.

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There are stunning photos of Savage in the exhibition, from studio portraits to group shots with other Harlem artists, and one of her alongside her sculpture Realization from , which shows a black couple crouched in oppression. To observe the inner and outer landscape, to listen to the messages and pay attention to the signs, to collect feathers and seeds and thoughts and emotions.

Savage Gives A Tour of His Personal Art Collection: May 5, 2018

To let them lead me. Nowadays my main focus is on soulful jewelry.

I create mostly one of a kind pieces of jewelry that carry a meaning and a healing purpose with them — they help me deal with life issues and take care of my mental health while I create them, and then fly out of my hands, in hope that they will be helpers, supporters and reminders to their new keepers. And this fills my heart with gratitude.

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I sometimes still spend time with my very first love — and language — which is drawing. I also spend a good amount of my evenings spinning wool into thread and crafting garments out of it. Art for the Soul.