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Includes tips on tools, techniques, painting, finishing, and even exhibiting. Excellent for both novices and veteran carvers. Within the pages of this convenient source, woodworkers will learn the art of relief carving, which gives the illusion of depth, through projects on wild creatures. An in-depth introduction teaches novice carvers basic techniques, such as choosing wood and transferring Learn to create beautiful lovespoons—hand-carved symbols of love and deep affection that have been popular for centuries.

With 3 step-by-step projects and 15 original patterns, this book will help you to enjoy this wonderful craft no matter what your carving skill level. Sections on the hi In this collection of 29 projects, woodworkers of all skill levels are taught several variations of chip carving—the timeless art of decorating a wood surface by removing chips of wood with short triangular-shaped cuts—including basic chip carving, line carvin Helpful guidance includes advice on handling tools, tips for working Wayne Barton—author of Chip Carving and Art of Chip Carving —presents what is unquestionably the finest guidance ever for the novice.

Carving the female face in wood presents a difficult challenge for woodcarvers-their carved women too often looking like men in dresses. Tools for Doweling Dowels Pins Commercially made dowel pins come in a variety of diameters for joining different thicknesses of wood. Amazon UK — US. Dowel Centres Dowel centres are little metal caps that go into a set of holes that have been drilled for dowels The dowel centres have points that are used to mark the locations for the dowel holes in a second piece of wood.

Sets include pairs of common dowel sizes.

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Dowel Centering Jig This tool clamps to the edge of a board, automatically locating the center. Metal bushings of various sizes aid in drilling holes into the edge of the board. This October, showcase your carving skills with something special for Halloween. Sealing and priming is faster and more effective and blending is purer with the new JansenArt Traditions high quality matte acrylic paint. Bow-wow wow! Kathy Wise shows how to relief carve this popular dog to watch over your messages and reminders. Not easy to carve but its rich colors, fine texture and straight grain make it appealing.

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Put to the test, this sharpening machine has a lot going for it, including easy handling of heavy-duty carving tools while running fast enough to make a sharp, polished cutting edge relatively quick. Here's an easy-to-carve holiday ornament idea that's as fun to carve as it is to give. Once you master the simple techniques, it is easy to personalize these holiday favorites for everyone on your gift list. Several gift ideas can "hatch" from this project suitable for beginner's.

Celebrate wildlife carving with winners of the world-class competition in Ocean City, Maryland. Don't miss the event set for April Nestled in the branches of a Christmas tree, This bird-carving project is perfect for that "Silent Night". Now you're cooking! Gene Wilson's carved wooden cookie molds: includes authentic recipes.

Bruce Futterer's Santa with Toboggan wins from a talented field of entries. You'll have fun quickly creating ths project to hang on your tree or to surprise friends with. Adapt traditional block printing methods and carve your own holiday card design. Explore these traditional cabinetmaking tools and how they can make a carver's life easier.

These classic Swiss carved bears show a variety of ways to showcase a carving in your home. Wood Carving Illustrated, Woodcraft Supply, announce winners of contest.

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A fresh look on classic realistic decoy duck carving techniques creates a collectable call. Lora S. Irish, Shawn Cipa and Chris Pye share on carving wood spirits--common and uncommon. Is there a summer camp for carvers? Students and teachers alike reminisce about the time they spent at the school.

You don't want to lose this lure in a snag!

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Combine carving, woodburning, and painting to make your own fishing lure. From billiard balls to beef bones--Alternative sources for ivory give carvers another material to work with. Increase your confidence with this project that's designed to build your detailing skills. Add the perfect finishing touch to your carved duck call by mixing your own paints. With the right nib and technique, it's easy to add realistic texture to your carvings.


Rough out carvings in half the with the new addition to the Flexcut product line. Detail a carved eagle with power tools and a woodburner for realistic texture. Part 2 of 3. When it comes to holding an edge, Austrian-manufactured carving tools just keep cutting. Make your own feet and learn proper paint blending techniques to add realism to carved songbirds. Carve and assemble a head-bobbing, fiddle-playing cork stopper with a few simple tools. Ozark tradition of carving makes this Missouri hot spot a great vacation destination. WCI honor Swiss-trained carver, credited with the resurgence of chip carving in the US, and visits his one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Battery powered honing tool makes it easy to keep a razor edge while on the go. Use wood moulding to practice sharpening techniques, before you work on your tools. A popular gift item, these earrings a great way to brush up on your carving skills. Appreciating a good, inexpensive tool can change your techniques for the long run.

Introducing 50, boys a year to the joys of carving through the merit badge program. Carve these traditional letter blocks as a timeless toy or classic decoration. Create a sleigh full of ornaments with these simple step-by-step instructions. Break out of the ordinary and share a smile with this fun-to carve, whimsical fellow. More than Santas competed for the title of Woodcraft Santa of the year.

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Santa visits the Wild West in style with this fanciful take on the classic holiday icon. With figures that are easy to carve, it's simple to create a battalion to march through the holidays. The small size of these ornaments - and the simple tool list - makes them great projects for carvers on the go. Large carvings are an impressive challenge to any carver's art and skills. Create your own custom basket lids or carve a traditional plaque with these delicate designs.

No room in the house is off limits with this portable carving station made from scrap. Use traditional carving techniques to create a scale model of the historic ship "Raven". Designed as a cane topper, this majestic eagle could easily be enlarged for a full-size carving. Exploring the similarities and differences between miniature and traditional carving. Creating striking realism through a thorough knowledge of your subject matter.

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This easy-to-make shop aid is a great way to keep your gouges and V-tools in tip-top shape. Soft Sanders.

The compact styling of this smiling fellow makes him an ideal project for beginners. Display these striking ornaments individually or in their own custom cage clock. The basics of getting your tools into the best condition for carving and keeping them there. Turn-of-the-century table inspires a life-long love of carving three generations later. A carver needs more than sharp tools; the workspace, bench, and lighting are equally important. Add realism to your wildlife carvings or carve this mushroom as a stand alone piece. Combine realistic facial features with stylized techniques for a striking display.

A carver's journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of America. Woodcarving with Chris Pye, Vol.

This lesson in joinery and feeling the wood produces boxes that are a joy to hold and touch. Quality craftsmanship and wildlife carvings combine for deslightfully whimsical furniture. Create a treasured family heirloom with easy positive-image chip-carving techniques. Relief-carved shingles and graceful designs adorn this essential songbird house.

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Detailed caricature scene is brought to life with recorded voices and chiming gun shots. Easy beginner character can be carved as Santa's helper or a garden gnome. Produce a dramatic effect by lowering the background and undercutting the subject. Pierced designs allow you to adjust the size of the carving blank to suit your skill level.

Change the beard and hat on this traditional Santa face for two distinct ornaments. Texturing of the squirrel's fur brings this adorable Christmas ornament to life. Colorful reptile project provides an opportunity to experiment with contrasting textures.