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It also present how the UAS locate itself by merging numerous captor as a GPS, an INS, a barometer and a ultrasound system, and thus is able to navigate safely in its environment. Precise localization is vital for navigation and for efficient data exploitation. In the third part we explain why digital cameras are the best compromise between weight, self-sufficiency in energy and data storage, optical quality and adequacy to imagery mission. The last technological lock with on-the-shelf retail cameras is the ability to control them in real-time with limited computational resources.

We will present the reasoning and the result we obtain in our case.

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At last we will present how, with the trajectory and the precise dating of the picture, we are able to construct very quickly the georeferenced footprint database of the pictures and thus allow the user to navigate in the data few minutes after the data retrieving. The whole visualization and navigation is made in Google Earth by using smart usage of the KML format. He is specialized in aerial and satellite image processing and more recently in sensor integration. Is currently working in long term intership in the ATIS laboratory.

He is passionate with aerospatial and embedded electronics. He has his flying model licence and is working on his private pilot licence! Beckstrom's Law is a new model or theorem of economics formulated by Rod Beckstrom.

It purports to answer 'the decades old question of "how valuable is a network. It applies to any network: social networks, electronic networks, support groups and even the Internet as a whole. To read a white paper explaining the law and mathematics in detail, please see Economics of Networks. This new model values the network by looking from the edge of the network at all of the transactions conducted and the value added to each. It states that one way to contemplate the value the network adds to each transaction is to imagine the network being shut off and what the additional transactions costs or loss would be.

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Beckstrom's Law differs from Metcalfe's law, Reed's law and other concepts that proposed that the value of a network was based purely on the size of the network, and in Metcalfe's law, one other variable. Rod co-authored The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations that presents a new model for analyzing organizations, leadership style and competitive strategy. He has co-authored three other books including one on Value at Risk VAR , a fundamental theory of financial risk management now used to regulate banking globally.

He has recently developed a new economic model for valuing technical and social networks, referred to as Beckstrom's law. Sharpe served on the company's boards of advisors and directors, respectively. Rod also co-founded Mergent Systems with Dr. NET, a company offering service and support for an open source wiki and collaboration software system. From to Rod served as the Chairman of Privada, Inc. Privada was a pioneer in technology to enable private, anonymous and secure credit card transaction processing over the Internet.

Rod has helped to start numerous non-profit groups and initiatives. This group took symbolic actions which led to opening the borders to citizens, trade and contributed to ending the most recent Indo-Pak war.

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Gallen in Switzerland. Ever wonder what they mean by 'Fight Club for Nerds'? Do you daydream about what you could do if you had an underground lab and minions or a workshop and helpers? Have you considered all the ways to incorporate lasers into your life? Are you sure about that? Come see what the evil geniuses at HackerSpaces far and wide have built and how. Beth has been doing security research, abuse and fraud prevention and analysis for years.

She is very interested in privacy and security education and technology legislation. Beth has pieces of paper saying she is certifiable regarding certain bodies of knowledge, but swears she has no knowledge of where the bodies are. Currently, he's helping NGOs and local businesses apply open source and collaborative methods to their work in the hopes of building a more distributed, sustainable economy. He co-founded his local hackerspace, HacDC and plays an active role in the global hackerspace movement. Leigh Honeywell is a jane of many trades. By day she works at a major security vendor while finishing up a degree at the University of Toronto.

By night and sometimes over lunch she is a co-founder and director of HackLab.

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TO, Toronto's hacker space. She also serves on the board of advisors of the SECtor security conference, is a Google Summer of Code mentor, as well as an avid cyclist, book nerd, and traveller. Steve Clement started Hacking on a super fast C64 cassette deck computer at the age of 10, swiftly fell into the BBS hole, just to discover that Hacking is a Way of Life and a philosophy you ought to bring to others.

In his spare time he experiments with all kinds of electronics, builds up HackerSpaces and tries to bring artists and hackers together to collaborate in a Graffiti Research Lab. Currently, Steve is working as a Security Consultant for the Luxembourgish government on an IT Security Awareness Program for kids and implements his technical knowledge with social trends to provide the best possible way to positively influence their cyber habits.

Many Websites mix secure and insecure content on the same page, like Facebook. This makes it possible to steal all the data entered on such a page easily, using Moxie Marlinspike's new SSLstrip tool. First I will give a brief explanation and demonstration of the technique, and then I will help audience members set up the attack themselves on their own laptops. Detailed instructions and all required software will be provided.

Audience members should bring a laptop computer to participate in the hands-on training. He has a B. The problem of generating "reasonable" approximations to random numbers has been solved quite some time ago Generating true random numbers with a deterministic system is impossible; and so we must drink deeply from the raw, godless chaos of quantum physics. This talk will cover the various pitfalls of quantum true random number generator construction, including bias, statistical relatedness between bits, and unpleasant supply voltages.

A working reference design that overcomes these hurdles will be described, and barring major disaster, demonstrated.

Highlight on Personal Education in Cyber Security

If in doubt, the Wikipedia articles on quantum tunneling, alpha particle, normal distribution, operational amplifier, and hardware random number generator should provide more than sufficient background. Demo Sean Boyce is a founding member of Foulab www. He studies tree diseases, and enjoys statistics. He has lived in a swamp for months, has genetically modified organisms twice, and has never taken a course in computers or engineering in his life. He only codes in assembly language, and to the best of his knowledge, is incapable of perceiving boredom.

His next project is to start a custom flex-PCB printing business Legion Heavy Industries to cater to small orders from hobbyists and academia. This is the journey of two pirates hacking BitTorrent. This talk will cover ways of abusing the BitTorrent protocol, finding vulnerabilities in BitTorrent clients and exploiting them. We will also cover counter measures to these attacks. Michael loves that intimate battle between hacker and developer played on the field of logic. Michael likes mastering a new method of exploitation and finding his own. Michael believes that All software is vulnerable, you just have to look hard enough.

Some people dream of being test pilots, but he tests airplanes without ever getting in the cockpit! When he is not at work certifying software for flight, he loves to run Ubuntu and tinker with electronics.

Mac OS X DP3: Trial by Water

He also pursues interests in software testing methodology, p2p networks, sci-fi books and electronic music. He is a proud pirate who got a DMCA compliant earlier this year - but that doesn't stop him from continuing to use BitTorrent to get his fix someone must have hacked my wifi and downloaded Fallout 3, I swear!

Eighteen years ago I was given a curious device: An Acoustic Coupled modem in a wooden box. I've kept it over the years and recently rediscovered it. Thanks to the recent invention of the web, I am now able to discover something about its history; I may have the oldest working modem on the planet! At this talk I will not only show you the modem, but also demonstrate its operation. Come along for a journey 45 years back to the beginning of digital telecommunications! Budd phreakmonkey is a computer hacker, security researcher, and general all around tinkerer.

When he's not discovering archaic computer hardware in his basement he enjoys general aviation, urban exploration, and photography. As a child, K. Taylor Banks aka dr. Since , he has been designing, implementing, teaching and managing secure information systems for Federal Government, US Military, private universities and public companies, from start-ups to Fortune OS LiveCD.

We will first look at what a Mapper and Reducer are, the inputs they take and the outputs they generate. Since Hadoop is Java based, we will then look at using the Hadoop framework in order to build Mappers and Reducers in Python, as well as running Mappers written in the AWK scripting language. A brief comparison of compile times and efficiencies between the three will be shown, as well as the results from running our code on ASU's Saguaro Cluster. Finally, we will look at some demo code, including a machine learning algorithm based on the Netflix Prize Dataset, a 2 gigabyte dataset of movie ratings from the Netflix Database.

Joey Calca is a member of the Hacked Existence Team. He has done various consulting projects including the design and implementation of large scale multimedia delivery systems, and is currently pursuing Cloud Computing as the next big technology boom. Ryan Anguiano is a member of the Hacked Existence team. He is also a web application developer employed by The Forum Agency theforumagency. This presentation reviews the important prosecutions, precedents and legal opinions of the last year that affect internet and computer security. We will discuss the differences between legal decisions from criminal cases and civil lawsuits and what that means to the security professional.

This presentation is strongly audience driven and it quickly becomes an open forum for questions and debate. In these positions he has advised on all aspect of computer operations and security. Do you geek out over food? Do you rave over a particular vintage? Do you get into fights about relative merits of belgain vs. Know the difference between a Gourmet and a Gourmand?

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Ever done a real chocolate tasting?