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White Lightning: 26 Vintage Photos From The Heyday Of Moonshiners In The South

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Stephen Stills - Full Concert - 03/23/79 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

A man takes a swig of his product before sending it off to customers. A tank from the National Guard smashes equipment from moonshine stills in Newport, Kentucky. February 20, March 2, They became tipped off when somebody noticed a backyard tree stump had been moved. Elizabethton, Tennessee sheriff Mike Bootright and his deputies stand proudly with a confiscated moonshine still and its product. Circa s. Armed moonshiners pause for a drink in the woods, near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

A policeman stands alongside a wrecked car and cases of moonshine.

Stills, Stephen - Illegal Stills

November 16, Library of Congress. Authorities stand in front of a large copper kettle still for making moonshine with boxes of bottles and funnels spread before them that were used in the process. Date unspecified. Law enforcement officials stand near an illegal alcohol still captured during a moonshine raid. Authorities send a message to moonshiners by displaying barrels of illegal liquor and the words "moonshine raid" during the s Prohibition era.

Daniel Duesst poses for a photo with his gun, his dog and his jug of moonshine in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. A group of policemen pose with cases of moonshine confiscated from a bust. Sheriff's Deputy H. Carter, of Colleton County, South Carolina, takes a hefty swing at a small still, found in the backwoods near Walterboro. October 17, The previous year, some 16, stills were seized, but that was reputedly only about one-fifth of the total number in operation.

Illegal alcohol found inside a secret stash compartment of bootlegger Charley Birger's car. Wikimedia Commons. A moonshiner throws another log into the fire of his still during a moonshine cook in Virginia. Circa midth century.

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  • Two police officers stand beside a car that was carrying illegally made alcohol for resale. Photographer Joe Clark stands beside a moonshine still that was built inside a cave.

    Stephen Stills - Illegal Stills lyrics

    Authorities smile while standing in front of a large moonshine bust in Johnston County, North Carolina. A state trooper stands beside a car with a packed trunk full of illegal moonshine.

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    Agents in Birmingham, Alabama stand by their raid of illegal moonshine. The moonshine would be packaged in reclaimed empty bottles of recognized brands on which taxes were paid, so it looked legit. Barrels of illegal liquor flow into a creek bed after being discovered and destroyed by federal agents. Known as a "submarine" or "black pot" type of still, this equipment had the capacity to produce gallons of corn mash liquor at a time.

    Because the moonshine was so potent, moonshiners would take turns holding a gun on each other to force them to take a drink. Grundy County, Tennessee.