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Mine does not go down from 10 to 1. But from 50 to I also have the Goblet if Fire in hardback, and it says first edition. Is it of any value? The Prisoner of Azkaban is also British printed and goes from 10 to one. Lastly I have the chamber of Secrets going from 30 to Any help you can provide would be great.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Thank you for your time. Would that be worth anything? Hi, I have a Deathly Hallow signed at Carnegie Hall with the ticket and the holographic stamp to prove it It is a first edition — second printing. I really dont want to sell, but I m interested to know if it is worth anytinhg. Hi Laura I have two full sets of all the Harry Potter Deluxe in unused condition first edition first print.

All are unblemished. Do you have any idea of current value? The book is in perfect condition,no dammage to the spine or pages, the signature is clearly visible. The light blue front cover shows a young Roald Dalh as a pilot. It was given to me as a Christmas present about that time. Thanks very much for your inquiry. If you send some photos of your copy to us at mail peterharrington.

Hi I have sent photos to mail peterharrington but have not heard since Kind Regards Fran. Rowling at the front, is there any value? Thanks Maxine. Is this worth anything? It is in very good condition, thank you. Hi Laura I have a a Harry Potter deluxe gift set in a red box from Bloomsbury press; first 4 potter books.

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Goblet of fire just says first edition. All are in really good condition apart from prisoner which has a couple of dents to the cover. Are these worth anything? Hi laura I have the first for books of harry potter, they are all first edition books, hard back, gold pages, and have they person that wright the book signitur in gold wrighting, are they worth anything an if so how much thankyou.

I have a harry potter the half blood prince upside down Binding first edition and laminated checkers waswondering if it is worth any thing. Hi Laura, I have the Harry potter books with the same artwork shown on this page but with the print line reading 30 29 Just wondered how much this is worth? Hi Laura, I have everything in the publishers page as above, but the print no. Hello Does having Joanne rowling printed on the first page but it not being a first edition increase its value at all Thank you in advance. Hello, thanks for writing such a clear article on this! I would be grateful for your advice about whether this has any value, thanks, Yvonne.

Also, no countdown of edition numbers on copyright page. What would be the value of this book? It is hardcover, published by Scholastc. I remember when she read this years ago she looked up some of the sayings because they were so odd for our American speech. Interestingly enough she has some of the original English edition text and some of the American edited text, all in the same book.

Hi Laura after looking through this, I have a book that has all of these things except one. Just wondering if the book would still be worth anything.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Illustrated Edition (Book #4)

Hi there I have a few Harry Potter books with the same Hardback number however number go from 30 to 26 so there are not worth much…is that correct? Would rather check just in case! Would this be true and what wood b the value? Its still not broke from the seal.

Thanks Robyn P. Hi Laura and thank you in advance for your help.

Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix (Legendado)

I have a pristine 1st edition in the united states and printed in the United states. Signed by Ms. Would there be any value in this book. Is harry potter chamber of secrers ISBN worth any thing or should it go to the junk shop. Thank you for your enquiry.

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I am afraid we cannot tell from the ISBN number. If your copy was published in by Bloomsbury, with no mention of subsequent dates or printings, it is the hardback edition, and has the number sequence 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, running all the way down to 1, it should be a first edition copy and will be of some worth. If it is a later edition or the paperback version, it will not be of significant worth- at best, a modest second hand book worth of a two-figure amount.

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Kind regards,. I have a first edition copy of the adult edition of Order of the Phoenix here and pages have been replaced by pages While a curiosity, such issues do not make the copy particularly valuable or collectable, I am afraid. I have two immaculate signed first editions of Deathly Hallows. What are they worth? Do you have any interest in them?

I am afraid it will not be of any meaningful worth. Even first edition first impression copies are of modest value due to the very large first impression print run. Subsequent printings will only be worth what you paid for them. I think I have a first edition, 20th printing, hardback copy of Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter fans celebrate Book Four

It contains the follwing printing errors:. It is in very fine condition, with the original dust jacket. I also have soft cover prizoner of azkaban published in with the numbers 20 19 18 17 Are these worth much? Thanks in advance. Btw my prizoner of azkaban copy has all the same wording errors as catherine noted on those pages of the book that was later changed.

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Hi I have a first edition philosophers stone running from 10 to 1 hard cover in a dust jacket but it says this edition produced for the book people ltd … The authors name states Joanne Rowling, and it is the old picture on the back. Will this be of any worth? HI, i have a copy of harry potter and the goblet of fire, it is the rarer Mackays printed version, any idea of values?

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