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These four innocent things are threatening to knock out your fitness progress this holiday season.

Prepare for the unforeseen.

Identify them and avoid them. Don't sacrifice your muscle gains this holiday season. Follow these tips to piling your dinner plate with the nutritious options that'll keep your physique on track. Need to know how to eat for growth in the coming weeks? Don't let the holiday season throw a wrench into your training.

Gym Rush Hour Survival Guide

Say you end up on the run, having to fight hand-to-hand, having to hunt or needing to escape pursuers in an urban environment or even just travel on foot for long distances. All of these are possible, and physical fitness will be key.

Basic fitness principles

Focus on your survival fitness now. Once SHTF, it will be too late to start. It is also strength, skills and smarts.

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At the Sensible Survivalists, we strongly believe that good preppers should also enjoy every day of their current life as it comes. Keeping fit and healthy will help you make the best of your life as it is now, regardless of whether or not SHTF. This post is about two main aspects of prepper fitness. The first aspect is how to get fit.

Prepping for Survival Fitness [90 Day Challenge]

The second aspect is about building survival fitness into your every day life. Take a look at the prepping activities you already enjoy, and work out how you can build your own fitness into those activities. Here are the main areas of fitness you need to focus on, along with how you can do so. Neither is a marathon runner who has terrible aim and cannot climb a tree going to be any good at defense and hunting in a rural environment.

You need to be fast, strong, flexible, tactical and experienced. Post-SHTF is not the moment to find out you have some physical complaint that could have been successfully treated years ago. Go for basic physical check-ups every six months to a year.

Summer Fitness Survival Guide

If anything comes up, sort it now. You may not be able to do so later on. Part of a healthy body is having well-functioning muscles, good blood circulation and a strong heart. This not only prepares you well for all other forms of fitness, but it supports general physical health. With heart failure a common cause of death in modern Americans, now is the time to make sure yours is in peak condition. There are multiple levels to how you can train your cardiovascular fitness.

Summer Fitness Survival Guide

Even just regular fast walking, hiking and jogging is a good start to getting a healthy heart. On the more intense and effective level, interval training, in which you break up fast walking or jogging with short bouts of sprinting, is a good way to properly push your heart muscles. In your every day life, train your cardiovascular survival fitness by taking the stairs whenever you can and walking quickly whenever possible.

Learn to get around, at speed, without a car. When did you last run a race?

For most of us, it was quite a long time ago, possibly back at school. Normally, being able to move quickly is not particularly necessary to survival, but life post SHTF is likely to be an exception to that. But you do need to be able to move at speed for a short distance when required. If you need to hunt, speed will likely help you track and chase animals. In the gym, you can work out in small increments, stopping once you get tired. But in a post-SHTF situation, you are going to need stamina. There are several benefits to having good stamina. Another benefit is the way stamina feeds back into general fitness.

I Got You, Babe

The holidays are a time to kick back, enjoy time with family and friends, and indulge in good food, good drinks, and all-around good cheer. But taking too wide of a detour from your fitness regimen could wreak havoc on more than just your gains—it can do a number on your motivation and confidence as well. We're all for cheat days in fact, they're essential , and we're all for loosening the restrictions when the holidays roll around, but there are ways to indulge responsibly. Before you get trapped in the mindset of "cave in now, pay later," and have to spend the New Year making up for a month and a half of Thanksgiving get-togethers and holiday beer binges, follow these tips to playing hard while keeping your gains intact.

These four innocent things are threatening to knock out your fitness progress this holiday season. Identify them and avoid them.