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Formerly at Midnight, 7. Egg-Box Mask, 8. Great Ocean Liner, 9. Fear Clutches, Red Letter Day, Dogs Bark, Stay, Old Lime Quarry, Music for Playgrounds.

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The film starts out with beautiful scenes from a seemingly happy little village in Belgium, where the annual ceremony to drive the Winter away fails and then the Summer never arrives. Events and most people quickly turn for the worse. Many still scenes shows for a long time, expanding the sense of futility in the face of natural events.

A lot of quite well-composed scenes gives the sense that the directors are acting as photographers or painters rather than film makers. The action is focused on a minimum of scenes and dialogue, which makes the film comes across as a cut-up collage of photos with music, but still enough to make a story. The music supplied by Eyeless In Gaza fits very well and is used very successfully in adding drama to the events.

Please try to order through an alternative source not tried them myself, but what I found through a Google search on July 1st : Rough Trade ; Norman Records ; Boomkat ; Chemical Records or order it directly from the distributor:. Song-list: Ep: A1. Fracture Track, A2. The Day Began, B1. You are Grace, B2. Dust, B3. Said Bitterly; Cd: 1.

Eyeless in Gaza

Fracture Track, 2. Dust, 3. The Day Began, 4. Reverie, 5. You are Grace, 6. Said Bitterly, 7. Desolate Hills. Eyeless In Gaza gave a great performance at a well attended concert on Thursday June 7th, 20 pm.

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Garth Knox with his trio performed and then Eyeless In Gaza came on stage. The album is available for order right now from A-Scale! You do not need a Paypal account to pay. The edition is limited to copies and as with other Eyeless In Gaza albums, we do not know when or if there will be more editions coming, so get it now.

The album is song-focussed and the running time is 46 mins 52 secs. The 12 tracks are: 1. Voices, 2. Dance of Hours, 3.

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Much Wants More, 4. Morning Singing, 5. Among the Gathering Skies, 7. So You Appear, 8. Slow Eve, 9. Childhood Knives, Dreaming Body, Endless Trees. Dance of Hours, Childhood Knives and So You Appear have appeared in pre-view versions on radio programs and on YouTube, but have been perfected for the final release here. Morning Singing is a new take on the Martyn Bates solo classic from , but since Eyeless In Gaza has performed this live as a band several times lately, this reflects how it is interpreted these days as a song by Eyeless In Gaza.

Martyn Bates writes about the new album: Through the Summer of while we were putting together the tunes for Everyone Feels Like a Stranger , an unexpected pattern began to emerge. That being said, I was already aware that these particular songs seemed to have arrived coloured with something that struck me as being particularly inward looking and reflective, for the most part. However, I see now that he was right.

What we have here within these songs is a collective meditation upon the double-edged sense of exhilaration and closeness that can occur when one enters that peculiar state of mind and being that being alone can sometimes give. And where distance and separation somehow connect with a sudden elevation and insight, and link in with an unsettling sense of security within that isolation. Where you are connected to the Quiet, the calm, the silence. Where Everyone Feels Like a Stranger, true … but, at the same time, no-one ever feels like a dispassionate collaborator.

Michel out of the shores of Normandy in late August My own initial reaction to Everyone Feels Like a Stranger — not as negative in mood as the title might suggest. This is an album that is hard to tell why one should hold in high esteem, but one should, because it is greater in some ways than previous albums. It shows a deep respect for the song format and that is at the core here.

An album not to be missed! This is a presentation on the radio in the UK. This is part of a series of Weird Tales for the Winter that are being broadcast on Resonance Radio Each program from January 29th to February 5th is sent at apart from the first and last shows at This program got rather popular when it ran last year and people have been downloading the stories a lot for a long time since then. The website there is currently being refreshed to show the information for this years program.

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Other contributors can be seen on their website soon and there is also a Facebook page. The broadcast is possible to listen to or download on the Weird Tales website. Eyeless In Gaza photos from November 28th Some nice very early live gigs footage has come to life on the web recently at this is then. The Wire music magazine issue in December will not include a complimentary Cd compilation as previously mentioned here, but the Cd is likely to come out with The Wire sometime next year.

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Notice the bands mentioned on their front page. New short film — Dance of Hours September 29th Eyeless In Gaza recording documentary at Mont St. Michel, France September 4th The french association Un soir dans la Manche invited Eyeless In Gaza to record a documentary film about the band. As far as I am aware, the occurence of a non secular concert event has never been permitted before at the Abbey — so this quite an oportunity, something unique.

In the short term, we will be shooting a lot of performance material for the film — for which the band have been busily rehearsing over the past weeks. Martyn said when coming back from Mont St. We filmed a vast amount of material, in various locations in and around MSM. Eyeless In Gaza live in Leicester on Sept.

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Eyeless In Gaza performed live in Leicester on Sept. Eyeless In Gaza played their first Leicester show since Eyeless In Gaza — songs from a forthcoming album Updated March 4th Free exclusive downloads of unique versions of two songs from the new Eyeless In Gaza album no release date yet. The tracks were also aired on the recent Resonance Radio Session. Feel free to download or just listen to here on the website.

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Click to listen or right-click to choose to download the tracks. Photo above by Knut Koops. Eyeless In Gaza will be featured in a radio session on Resonance Radio There will be some new songs recorded for the event early versions of tracks planned for a new upcoming album. For tickets check out the Tin Angel website.

Or look at the Facebook page. There were first a long live improvisation by Temple Music, with some noisy electronics, but all sort of instrumentations weaved together to produce a quite intriguing sound voyage. After this we got a short, but very energetic, set by 12, Days, where they started out with the The Song of the Prophet — a song that builds so great from the start. They did a really good take on Dun Fox from their first album.