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DAU is a great dance studio The entire staff is extremely sweet and helpful. If you are looking for classes then look no further then here! We came to DAU from another dance studio and the instruction, organization and professionalism at DAU is unparalleled.


Some people villify competition dance but I have found it to be a great experience for my girls who have a ton of opportunities to perform not just at the end of the year recital and take pride in working hard to improve their routine every time they perform it. Dance Academy USA is a great dance studio for dancers of all ages!

Everyone is very accommodating and the energy in the office is always positive. The teachers are outstanding and always make their students feel welcomed. Keep up the good work DAU!

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They have great people and a great product. Talking to other parents — we would talk of how the dance classes, besides being just plain fun, helped with showing colleges the students had lots of interests outside of school. And, the staff says all the time that dance helps with self-confidence and being part of a team.

This is a company with good people, and a great product. My niece takes lessons here and she absolutely loves it. I highly recommend this dance school. I was invited to help with selling tickets for the 1st recital of DAU; I have been doing that ever since.

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The growth of the studio has been astounding, due in part to the fantastic team of teachers, the love for dance by Ms. The confidence and values imparted in each student by DAU will serve them well their entire life.

The instructors and the office staff are warm and welcoming. Through the years I spent with DAU, I saw dancers who began at a small age transform through their youth into beautiful dancers. Many students have moved onto a professional level.

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  4. As a parent, I believe it is first class! This dance studio is a great way to learn many different types of dance. Of course, ballet is taught and is a requirement for some other types of dance. What truly stands out is the support in the office. For a studio which handles as many classes as it does, I am treated well by the office staff when I have a question or a misunderstanding. They always take care of any issues very quickly.

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    They responded to me quickly to resolve my issues. Our daughter loves to dance and play the drums! Her hands and feet are constantly moving. We are very pleased with DAU. The dance class options are endless she loves lyrical, tap, and jazz. The teachers are amazing too! She now sees how closely related drumming is to tap dance. It is evident that DAU has enriched her life over the past 5 years by way she moves, her posture and confidence and stage presence.

    We look forward to the show at the end of the year which really show her progress from the year before. The creative and talented community at DAU has helped my child develop, grow and thrive in a caring and loving environment where she can get all wiggles out! I recommend DAU to everyone young and young at heart. Thinking to sign up for an adult tap class myself.

    My niece took a mommy and me dance class here, the instructor was very patient and helped the kids develop a love for dance at a very young age. They are passionate about what they do which is very important when teaching children! I would highly recommend this dance school! My niece has been coming here for the past year and she absolutely loves it! Studios are clean and we always feel safe leaving her, while her class is in session. Management and staff are always so helpful and always keep us informed about upcoming events.

    We love and DAU and will definitely continue coming to this studio! One of my boys took beginning hip hop a while back and the instructor was great! Patient and encouraging and fun.

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    I have tons of friends who have daughters who have gone through here as well as adults. Nothing but thumbs up!!!! My niece dances at DAU and loves it. They put on an amazing recital each year and we look forward to each year seeing another fantastic show! Staff is wonderful and highly recommend. Dance Academy USA is terrific and my niece has flourished there! Their recitals are amazing, fun and we enjoy attending.

    I highly recommend for any child or teen! The costuming is highly professional and flatters all the girls. My granddaughter enjoys the classes and is always anxious to share her recent experiences with me. Their highly competent staff is always there to greet you with a warm smile no matter how much is occurring around them.

    Kudos to all. My son took the hip-hop class and loved it. He learned some cool moves and had a blast with other kids. I took my two girls here, always excited upon arrival.

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    The environment was impressively clean! The kids really enjoyed themselves.

    All the shows are professionally done. Such a pleasure to watch the girls grow into such amazing young women and beautiful dancers! If you are looking for a dance studio, this is a great place! I had stopped by to check this place out. The staff is pretty cool and informative. I had sat in on a class and my son seems really eager to join. Since my son is currently in a summer program, he will start when regular starts, to keep his schedule busy. I can not say enough good things about this dance studio!

    Great classes, tons of variety and choices. Very much place. Really clean and tidy.