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Jul 21, Sammy rated it liked it. I liked it! I could relate to much of the writing angst and decisions about stepping away from the novel writing. Jul 26, Becky rated it liked it. I picked this up to see if I could supplement my self-taught CSS knowledge with some book-learnin', and this was the best book my library had.

The book format is very utilitarian; it arranges its information into "recipes. I can imagine it would be a really good reference book to have around for this reason. The actual explanations were okay, if a bit un I picked this up to see if I could supplement my self-taught CSS knowledge with some book-learnin', and this was the best book my library had. The actual explanations were okay, if a bit uneven. Despite the fact that the book was expressly for beginners, it sometimes assumes you can immediately intuit why something will or will not work based on the author's vague descriptions.

Also, because of the format, it doesn't really teach you flexible design principles and know-how; you have to read the layout designs it offers you and extrapolate from there. Despite my complaints, a book that talks in the abstract about something like style sheets can be pretty useless, so maybe it's better that they stayed specific.

Still, I don't know how helpful this book would be for beginners.

CSS Cookbook, Second Edition - O'Reilly's Latest Release

The book itself is already quite out of date because of IE 8, but it's good to know what the earlier browsers can and can't do because sadly some people are still using them. Reading this book, I cannot understand how the people responsible for the earlier versions of IE could sleep at night. Example after example of how they single-handedly made web design twice as difficult! Jul 08, John Chilton rated it liked it Shelves: highly-recommended. This book succeeds in some places and gets fairly bogged down in others.

I cannot hold that against it too much though, I read it straight through, but it probably is much better as a reference. Despite some flaws, this book has some real strengths.

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  • CSS Cookbook.

Unlike a lot of technical book, this book is rooted deeply in the practical. It mentions JavaScript solutions where they are useful. It has lots of links to blog posts and websites with additional information. Some books are written by people paid to This book succeeds in some places and gets fairly bogged down in others.

Some books are written by people paid to write books, other books are written by practitioners who have learned from experience and have something to say. This book definitely strikes me as the latter. I think used as an actual cookbook, this book definitely deserves a spot on your bookshelf. Oct 04, Caryl Westerberg rated it it was ok.

Lots of CSS examples to wrap your mind around. I think there must be some errors, or some of the examples just do not make sense.

Book Review: CSS Cookbook by C. Schmitt | Ready Designs

I wish some of these examples were more fleshed out. Since I'm still learning CSS, this make it challenging. Feb 17, Mike rated it it was amazing. Actually, I have a number of O'Reilly "Cookbook" technical books, and they are uniformly the most useful books of my collection. Jan 03, Will Smith rated it it was amazing. Its more of a reference, but I'm always reading it to get new ideas. The only problem i have with this book is- because I'm learning on my own and this is second edition - it assumes i know a lot more than i actually do, so i have a hard time understanding some of its concepts.

Feb 05, joke rated it it was amazing.

Jan 15, Meryl Evans rated it really liked it. Disclaimer: I helped behind the scenes in this book. Aug 14, Sooraj Raju rated it really liked it. Part of starting the new business. May 05, Ezequiel Delpero rated it really liked it.

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The best thing about this book is the way to explain you things. Aug 14, Vladimir Rybalko rated it it was ok Shelves: programming. Oh my god. It's one of the most boring book which I read. All advices were actually in the start of century.

Now this book should be considered as the museum exhibit. A bit outdated but otherwise decent reference. Santosh Yadav rated it it was amazing Nov 05, COM rated it it was ok Feb 14, Damian Bannon rated it liked it Oct 29, Joan Vermette rated it liked it Apr 16, Howell rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Arsham Shirvani rated it really liked it Jan 03, Rick Dikeman rated it liked it Oct 02, Fredric Yeung rated it liked it Mar 17, Jurgen rated it really liked it Apr 06, Carl Schelin rated it really liked it Jun 07, Kemal rated it really liked it Aug 24, Dave Raffaele rated it liked it Dec 28, Helder Goncalves rated it really liked it Jan 06, Heath rated it liked it Jun 15, This site-wide only CSS snippet by Master Ceadeus 27 adds a background image to the missing article message:.

If you want to insert a background image to the right bottom corner of profiles of users, you can use:. This CSS snippet by Noreplyz fixes the position of all modals when the desktop site on a mobile device is being used, making it easier to use these modals. If you want to customize your wiki's scrollbar, you can use these CSS selectors to apply various properties to it:. Note: Scrollbar customization is only supported in certain browsers, like Chrome, Opera and Safari.

This CSS snippet by JustLeafy adds minor improvements into the header of the classic editor, including a different color, box shadow removal and some opacity. The add to article option is simply used to add the image the user currently is viewing in the lightbox into an article by typing the article's name in the inputbox that will appear after clicking the "Add to Article" button.

This CSS plugin by JustLeafy keeps the characters remaining feature unhidden no matter how many characters were typed. This CSS snippet highlights links to an administrator's userpage, Message Wall, contributions and blog listing:.

The CSS Cookbook

Change "Admin's Username" to the username of the administrator you intend to highlight, to the intended color of highlighting and Arial to the intended font for the highlight. You can also remove certain sections if you don't need them in the highlight. This minor CSS plug-in makes a fix to the background color of the file history tables, making it from white to black.

This minor CSS plug-in customizes the style of the outline.

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The outline means the blue border that appears when tabbing using Tab to navigate a page. It is a style that is not to be confused with border. An outline is a line that is drawn around elements outside the borders to make the element "stand out". Here is a list of the outline properties and their definitions. Specifically, it prevents line numbers longer than 2 digits from getting cut off and, when line highlighting is used, scrolls the entire code block rather than individual lines.

This personal only CSS snippet by Anonminati makes full image graphic header.

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This personal only CSS snippet forces all cursors to become default. This means that custom wiki cursors will be restored back to default. It also replaces the hand cursor when hovering over links with the default cursor. Normally, w:c:spongebob:Spongebob Squarepants character has a featured video, but applying this CSS snippet removes it.

This personal only CSS snippet by Sophiedp hides the featured video on articles.