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Here are two possibilities he might have considered: a Nh5 is Black's most obvious attempt at counterplay. Kh2 Bxc3 Bxg3 Qxc3 Qa3 Qxc2 with good prospects for Black to defend and keep his material; possible is Qa6 [ Qe6 Qxe6 Rxe6 Kh2 is slightly better for White] Bf2 Bf8 Qd2 Bxa3 Rad1 with strong compensation. Rac1 appears to give White strong compensation, but Black may be able to save himself after Play might continue Rfe1 Nxe4 Bxe4 Rxe4 Nxd4, with good prospects for White to convert his endgame advantage. A tactical solution to the e4-e5 problem, though Nxe4 Qxe4 Rf2 Bxb2 Re1 gives White a strong initiative.

After not being satisfied with either of those options, Black struck upon a new idea. Black probably thought he now had Bf8 trapping the queen, but had overlooked that the removal of the d5 knight allows White is now up a clear piece, so Black resigned. All of the prize winners—notably the class-prize winners—are to be congratulated. Bill and Brenda Goichberg and the first-class crew of CCA directors turned in their usual highly-polished professional job.

This was a great finale for a great tournament. Go to www.

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On a closing note, your humble reporter only played two games—and lost both. But this did not in any way diminish his enjoyment of the venue, the event, and the great opportunity to cover a high-class chess tournament. Under , 1st: James Taggert, Jenny Ma, 6. By Diana Mihajlova. As a newcomer it had to pave its way among a number of already well established and powerful chess engines.

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It was not to be easy to unsettle its predominance on the chess stage. The new boy on the block had to fight hard to earn its credibility and acceptance.

The ever increasing and discerning audiences of computer chess noticed its presence and many whispered about its superiority. But Rybka had yet to swim her way through to get the attention and proper recognition by the leading chess protagonists.

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A big part of the events described in this interview are now history. But I believe they make a valuable insight into the trials and tribulations of an ambitious, perseverant and able computer programmer and his oeuvre which has now become the world champion computer chess program May in Pamploana, Spain. Vas Rajlich: First of all, let me give you some background. Rybka was the strongest program, we had won every tournament, we had been leading with at least over [a] hundred points, so, when something like this happens, you have to make a statement.

I guess I can say there were two goals that we hoped to achieve with the letter. The first one is—it served as a kind of advertisement, I am not going to deny that. About half of the letter is actually about why Rybka is great, which in itself is advertising us. But we wanted people to read that. One of the things about the Fritz versus Junior match—although it was never announced anywhere, but it was kind of understood—was that the winner of that match would play against the human champion.

How were Fritz and Junior chosen in the first place? Fritz is owned by ChessBase. Junior is an independent program but is exclusively marketed by ChessBase. ChessBase has a lot of power; they have the most popular chess website. No doubt they were somehow behind this. ChessBase has a big marketing muscle and when Rybka did not win the championship, this tournament was by far the most publicized tournament on their news pages. We lost to Shredder and that game appeared on the ChessBase [website] three or four times.

But they never talk about any of the tournaments that we won! He bursts into a bittersweet laugh. Although you can hardly fault ChessBase; they are just doing their marketing. But FIDE is an international organization and they cannot just organize a world championship match by picking randomly the participants. They need to have some sort of structure, they need to be democratic. FIDE failed in this case to be fair. But after many discussions the final outcome is that FIDE. Zappa is the very clear number two program in computer chess.


This is the best match we could have and I am quite happy about it. It is the best match, but on the other hand a full qualification system would have been even better. This is still a sort of partial solution. We are quite fortunate right now in computer chess that there is a clear number one and a clear number two, so we can have a match like this and make it presentable. In principle, though, there should be definitely a fully democratic procedure for everything. Do you feel that computer chess had not yet found its proper place among the FIDE priorities?

So when it comes to I think they are a little bit confused. They kind of allow themselves to be convinced without taking into account the rating lists and the computer chess tournaments. Let me put it like this: if FIDE organized a world championship between two humans from the top ten just by arbitrarily picking them it would be more scandalous than what happened with the Fritz versus Junior match. FIDE knows the human scene; they know which tournaments and what rating lists are important.

Whereas with computer chess—I can kind of understand from their point of view that they would not understand.

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For example, Fritz has not played against another computer since when they got totally destroyed in the world championship. I believe they have not won a tournament since The letter did stir the desired attention Chess Life — July Profile within FIDE. As destiny sometimes likes to play harsh jokes Rybka lost by just one point.

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Strangely enough, this one, as well as not winning the Championship in , which was won by Junior, are the only two fiascos that Rybka suffered since its inception, but, curiously, they happened at the most crucial occasions. When he returned from Mexico, we were watching the Washington Redskins, his favorite team, and he was passionately instructing me in the rules of American soccer.

Since that letter, during a span of just over a year, things moved rapidly for Rybka.

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It has won the latest two consecutive world championships: Amsterdam and Beijing and is the current world champion. Its latest version, Rybka 3 and Deep Rybka 3 came out in June Its predecessor Rybka 2 was already the strongest chess program clearly leading all ranking lists with a Elo rating. The new Rybka 3 has been improved further with staggering 80 Elo points. The latest Rybka 3 is This is the story about Rybka. So far. But who is Vasik Rajlich?

Or, the beginning. After pressing him further and squeezing some more information I managed however to construct a brief biography of the author of Rybka. Vasik Rajlich, Vas, as he is known to his friends and family, was born in Cleveland, Ohio in His birth happened in the U. He spent part of his childhood in Prague where his father worked.

Even nowadays, Vasik makes an effort to visit their cemeteries on occasions. His parents made several more trips trying to get away from Czechoslovakia. Eventually they made it back to the United States and remained there indefinitely. His father is a computer scientist and currently teaches at the Wayne State University, in Detroit.

His mother trained in mathematics. Very early on Vas wrote about dozens of programs and did a lot of experimenting. Someone looking at you today and listening to you—you are an American through and through.