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I think it extremely possible that it became necessary for Jesus to act as a go between in Heaven for the angels, much like He has for us on this Earth. However, no matter how strange this idea is, don't for one moment think that I believe Jesus is a created being!

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Or that I think Jesus was an angel that later was elevated to a lesser god status. Jesus is fully Divine as is His Father. He is the Son of God! Let's not forget that! I am just wondering. Could it be that we are seeing the activities of Jesus before the New Testament when we look to Michael?

Is the Angel of the Lord, who is not an angel at all; Could this angel-like being actually be Jesus? Could His name, in Heaven in the past, have been Michael? I'm curious how you will fit all these Bible Texts together to make sense? Please, look at the Scripture that I have and then, if you are able, give me another possible answer for what the Bible says. So, now I will ask you the same question again, now that you know I am NOT saying Jesus is just an angel, or a created being, or that He has ever been created in the past.

Is it possible that Michael could be Jesus Christ? In the Jewish literature, Michael is described as the highest of the angels and identify him as the angel of Yahweh which is often mentioned in the Old Testament as a Divine being! So, this idea, that Michael is actually Jesus, is not new. Its been around for some time. Let's start looking into the Word of God for answers. In the New Testament, Michael is easily identified as being Jesus when a few texts are compared.

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Let's do a comparison right now:. In Thessalonians we see that the Lord is descending from heaven and He is shouting with the voice of the archangel. Most people seem to think that it is the archangel that is shouting and not Jesus. Actually there are two possible meanings to the text: 1 the archangel could be shouting for Jesus; or 2 Jesus could be doing the shouting Himself and he is using the voice of an archangel because He is the Archangel Himself; Michael the Archangel. Some might think there is a third possibility, that two voices are sounding; Both Jesus and the archangel.

If we compare the two Bible texts above 1 Thessalonians and John we see one of the strongest cases for supporting the idea that Michael is Jesus. We saw that there were two possible meanings to: "the Lord Himself shall come down from Heaven with a commanding shout of an archangel's voice " 1 Thessalonians They are: 1 the archangel could be shouting for Jesus; or 2 Jesus could be doing the shouting Himself and he is using the voice of an archangel because He is Michael the Archangel.

Which one is it? John and 28 solves the problem: " the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God ". So in 1 Thessalonians, its the archangel's voice, but in John 5, it is the voice of the Son of God!

One cannot be wrong and the other right. Michael the Archangel must be Jesus! Now that we know that it is Jesus Himself who is doing the shouting, we can read 1 Thessalonians with new eyes. What 1 Thessalonians is really saying, is that Jesus descends from heaven shouting with the voice of the Archangel.

Thus, Jesus is doing the shouting but with His own Archangel's voice! This comparison shows that the Archangel really is Jesus. Also, there is another point to consider; In both Thessalonians and John, we see that the voice causes the resurrection of life to the righteous dead. The dead in Christ will rise when they hear His voice. Both Scripture must be describing the same event so Jesus and Michael must be the same person. Let's look in the Old Testament for some more evidence. In the book of Joshua, we see that Joshua also saw Michael the Archangel.

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This account also presents a strong case showing that Michael is Jesus:. This account in the book of Joshua is very important because we can now "nail down" who Joshua saw. Joshua met the captain of the Lord's host and then we find that it is the Lord! Joshua worshiped Him, and He did not stop Joshua in his worship.

In fact, The Lord actually encouraged Joshua to worship Him! This is very significant. It is the proper name of the one true God.

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Thus the Scriptures itself identifies this person, the captain of the host of the Lord, as God or Lord. This being is definitely not a created being! He accepts worship and actually encourages that He be worshipped.

In addition, He is identified as the one true God, Yahweh! In Revelation, when John tried to worship an angel, the angel told him not to do that: "And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant , and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God : for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

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We are fellow servants with the angels, who serve God. Thus, angels will not accept worship.

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We are only to worship God! So, what Joshua saw was the Lord! Joshua is told that this ground is holy and he is to take off his shoes. He is in the presence of the Lord. Thus, the Scriptures identify this Being as God and He actually accepted the worship and the reverence that Joshua gave Him, which no created being of heaven will do. He actually invited Joshua to worship and reverence Him! We also see that Jesus accepted worship when He was on earth!

Many times, Jesus accepted the worship of the people around Him A few examples: Matthew ; ,17; Luke ; John ; Hebrews This Divine Being must be Jesus Himself because Jesus said that no one has ever seen God and that He is the one who has communicated with man:. So, if the Spirit of Christ had inspired the prophets of the Old Testament, then it makes very good sense to say that Joshua talked to Jesus. After all, Jesus is the word of God! Jesus has been the one who has communicated with man. This is why "No one has seen God at any time".

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What they saw was Christ! Lets look at it from another prospective. Who is that? Who is the captain of the Lord's Host? Now we find that the angels in Heaven are called Michael's angels and that Michael leads His angels in battle against Satan! So, we can see that Michael is indeed the Captain of the angels. He is their leader. Putting Joshua 5 and Revelation 12 together, we see that Joshua saw a man who identified Himself as the Captain of the host of the Lord. The man also encouraged Joshua to worship Him and in Joshua chapter 6, He is identified as being the Lord. This agrees with the original meaning we had for Archangel: " chief of the angels ".

He is a divine being who accepts worship! In the message to the church in Philadelphia Revelation , we find that Jesus will have a new name:. Now, in Revelation 19, we also see a very important change in the leadership of the armies of heaven. Michael will now be called by a new name. We now see in verse 13 that it is The Word of God who leads the armies of heaven!

Jesus is leading the armies of heaven! Before in Revelation 12 we saw that it was Michael the Archangel who was leading the army of angels.